Why YOU Should Start A YouTube Channel Today.

It is no secret that kneeboarding is a relatively small sport in terms of numbers. It has only one major international competition every three years and the nationals usually only have a handful of riders per category. It is also no secret that YouTube is the worlds biggest video streaming site, with the largest audience. So putting the two together offers the potential for a lot of growth for the sport of kneeboarding.


No matter which country you ride in, or where your lake is, putting videos on youtube brings riders to one place. If you are feeling particularly isolated, putting videos on youtube will bring riders to your content who may want to ride with you or talk about the sport. Since the kneeboard world is so small, people are very willing to talk to other riders and get involved setting up local ‘ride-along’ events.


If you have found yourself stuck on a new trick, and there is no-one at your club or lake to help coach you, then youtube is the best place to go. Simply uploading a clip asking for help will prompt support from skilled riders around the world who can help you to conquer that trick so that you can pull it off effortlessly. Just be sure to keep looking over your youtube for when someone comments on your video.


Now that social media and online marketing and influencers are such a big part of the modern-day advertising market, brands are always looking out for talent on big social media platforms, such as youtube. If you manage to build up a large online following, in this case, a subscriber base, then this will certainly catch the eye of a brand more than if you had no youtube channel at all. So instead of sitting on the couch emailing companies you’d like to work with, get some videos up on youtube and prove how relevant you are within the sport.

So, you’re ready to start your youtube channel but you’re not sure how to start it. Go and check out our page here on how to get started on youtube before you set up anything yourself, for some helpful tips.

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