What is Kneeboarding?

Competitive kneeboarding is continually present around the world through a variety of national and international competitions. Kneeboarders compete in up to 4 disciplines: Trick, Slalom, Flipout, and Freestyle where the aim is to beat the other competitors by scoring a higher number of points by doing tricks and completing slalom courses. Take a look at our post on HOW TO MAKE A TRICK RUN now!

Average boat speed for towing a kneeboarder will vary from rider to rider, however, a good general speed for competent adults is anywhere from 18-22mph, for beginner children a slow speed such as 10mph is advised.

Kneeboarders usually wear a wetsuit, life jacket or impact vest, and a helmet (if riding on a cable). This is exactly the same as wake boarding and whilst it is not enforced, it is strongly advised that every rider wears a life jacket even if they can swim to help prevent injury or death given a worse case scenario.

Kneeboarding is relatively safe, however, head and neck injuries are the most common as when a rider falls in, off a jump, the head takes the most impact.

Some of the main companies involved in the sport are O’Brien, HO Sports and Jobe Watersports respectively.

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