Training Exercise: TRICK TRIANGLE

We’ve all been there, wanting to improve and make our time on the water valuable, but we don’t know exactly what to practice. Well, if this particular question is bothering you, read on!


This training method involves breaking down a trick into two different, easier ones. For example, an invert is a backroll 180, taking off backwards; so we could break this down into firstly: wake front, then backroll, then invert. The trick triangle makes you perform the two easier moves so that you practice the fundamentals for the new trick by breaking it down into smaller and easier tricks. Look at the diagram below to see it visually.

This technique is really useful not only for mastering the basics of the target trick, but also mentally as it breaks down the big goal into small, manageable steps. For years, if someone wanted to learn a trick they just would try, try, try, not caring to break down the trick at all. That usually takes a long time as it is so difficult to overcome a big goal such as an entirely new trick in one go.

You may wish to keep doing a certain trick triangle in one training session and focus on nailing one trick, or it might suit you to do several in one session. However, make sure that you only move on once you are very confident in your abilities to do one certain trick triangle as its not wise to skip ahead if you’re finding one particularly difficult.

So we hope that you can find a use for this training exercise when you’re next on the water, and remember, small steps are the key to mastering the overall goal.

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