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The Kneeboard Worlds, now under the wing of the IWWF, was set to be held in Orlando, FL in the summer of 2021. However, given the extreme circumstances surrounding coronavirus and the complete uncertainty of the situation, the Kneeboard UK Committee sent out an email earlier this month letting the riders know that it would not be going ahead.

This incident has also brought to light the apparent lack of international events held throughout the year and we have some exciting ideas currently on the drawing board which may fix this. In addition we want to thank the Kneeboard governing bodies for being responsible and putting safety first in this difficult situation. We also appreciate that the postponing of the kneeboard worlds’ was in no ways an easy decision or taken lightly.

There will, however, be a 2022 date and venue confirmed within the next few months. Hopefully this can be seen as a positive and that the athletes may have another year to train. This may mean that 2022 Worlds will be seeing better tricks and more riders! During the next year it might be a good idea to get a new trick run down and progress, ensuring that you perform well at Worlds, or make the team; check out our post on 4 THINGS YOU NEED TO BE DOING for better performances on the water now!

If you are an athlete currently feeling frustrated that your hard work has been useless, go and check out our page on how to stay motivated in the sport as this will give you a few steps to get into a better mental space.

We will update you on the latest news regarding any aspect of the sport as soon as it comes out. So ensure that you keep checking back to this page for more content!