How To Be Your OWN Coach

One of the hardest parts about a sport is that there isn’t always a coach available to help you all the time, so we made this post to give you some idea of the things you can do to keep improving and self-teach when you’re without someone to direct you.

BUY A CAMERA: This will enable you to film your tricks and then you can find out what you need to change in order to improve. The good thing about a camera is that you can also monitor your progress visually, which can be a big morale boost as you can see the improvement instead of being simply told that you’re riding better. Check out our post on THE BEST CAMERA FOR YOU if you want to be sure of what you will buy.

REFLECT: One of the major advantages to coaching yourself is that you know if you did something wrong or right. You know whether you only half-committed or whether you tried too hard and over-rotated so use this knowledge to your advantage. After you either land or fail a trick, take the time where the boat is coming round to pick you up to assess what went well and what went wrong with the trick. Using visualisation, think through what happened and then if something needs adjusting, then make a change the next time you try that specific trick.

WORK HARD: When you are your own coach and have all the responsibility, it can be easy to cut yourself a lot of slack, put off training your new trick, or just give up for the day entirely. You need to prevent this at all costs as it will put a swift end to your progression. Don’t make excuses, if you’re feeling tired and like you don’t want to ride again for the day then push yourself to try the trick one more time as this is where the real progress happens as it puts you above the people who just don’t feel the need to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

KNOW WHEN TO STOP: Of course it is very important to work hard and go out of your comfort zone in order to improve, however, only to a degree. If you are seriously tired and 100% not looking forward to riding then it could be dangerous to go out on the water and try something new. We cannot tell you when you’re too tired to ride, that is a decision that you have to make yourself. Always remember that choosing to not ride is your decision only, don’t feel pressured to ride if you think that it would be a safer risk, others should respect this decision too.

There you go, we hope that you find these tips useful and that you are able to improve and progress without your coach being there and that you have fun but more importantly, stay safe.

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