How Much Should YOU Ride?

They key to progress and improving your riding is practice, but it’s more important that you don’t over practice as this can result in injury, so this a detailed summary of how often you should ride per week.


The first factor to consider when drawing up a schedule for when you ride each week is time. It’s important to use time to ride when you are completely free of other responsibilities as this will put you more at ease and comfortable when you ride. You may also want to consider to ask your friends what times of the week they are free so that you can all ride together.


This is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing how much to ride each week. The one, very important aim is to not get injured. If you don’t know how much your body can take, start off slow and then build up the number of days you ride per week. No matter how much you think you can ride, you should always factor in a rest day, as this will give your body time to repair the damage done throughout the week.


It’s no secret that you need fuel for a boat, whether that be gas or petrol, and the cost of running your boat many times a week quickly adds up. This is a serious factor to consider so that you can make a realistic schedule for the week, as oppose to having an unrealistic target.

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