No matter the size, a community is one of the most important parts of a sport and for most water-sports the community is very dedicated and engaged, all sharing the same passion of love for the sport; and the kneeboard community is no exception.

From recreational riders to the elite athletes competing on the world stage there is a shared passion, and with the kneeboard community being relatively small in comparison to the larger water-sports, it’s so important and key to the sport, and its growth, that this community is approachable, friendly and has the growth of the sport at heart. It’s common for the kneeboard community in to feel like a family and this is crucial to the development of the sport and its riders as the community is able to help each other out and progress as a whole, as well as individually.

Perhaps the part of the community most influential today is the online community and presence of the sport. Whether on youtube, instagram, facebook or through websites; there are a few stand out athletes promoting the sport and contributing a lot to its growth, if you follow the sport you may have heard of these content creators/athletes:

It’s these athletes who are driving the sport and giving it an online presence, however, you can join these athletes and contribute to growing the sport by starting a youtube channel, writing a blog or making a website, it’s as simple as that and requires nothing other than a passion for the sport.