Best Kneeboard YouTube Videos?

It’s no secret that for all sports youtube is the hub of awesome videos where you can see the best athletes landing insane tricks or beginners making (extremely funny) fails. So with all this in mind, we have put together a list of some of our favourite Kneeboard YouTube videos.

1. ‘Best Kneeboard Compilation’ created by John Haile

This video contains the biggest tricks of 2019 from the likes of Stephen Hausler, Tom Kohl and Spencer Leggett. The reason why this video is at the top of our list is that it is the first of its kind. Kneeboarding does not have many videos online and this is one of the only recent compilations on YouTube. If you’re looking for an action packed video filled with MASSIVE air, this is the video for you.

2. ‘Kneeboard Rider Cup Recap’ created by O’Brien Watersports

This video is a recap of the 2017 Kneeboard Rider cup at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Florida. This competition happens every 3 years and the video captures the excitement and intensity of the competition from start to finish. It contains attempts at double flips and the slow-mo combined with ultra high-quality video makes for a good video.

3. ‘Big Air Kneeboarding’ created by supplyking100

This video is a compilation of footage from the early 2000s eating riders such as Jonathon McDonald, Mario Fossa and David Jennings. Considered by many to be the legends of the sport, these riders really get ‘big air’

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